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Adequatio Intellectus et Rei


16 September 1987
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Hey, how's it going, I'm Alison, a junior Chinese major (and English minor) from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. My hometown is the lovely Madison, Wisconsin. Yes. I know. That is quite a change.
What can I say about me? Well, a lot. But, what I will say about me is this: I like things. I do stuff. I am unique, just like everybody else. When I am truly able to put into words who I truly am, I'll get back to you. You can help me by reading my journal. Leave a comment or two. I'm curious to know who comes through here, if anybody at all.

Well, it's one in the morning, on a Sunday night. Experience tells me to go to sleep. I have class in the morning, and I'm rambling again. Good night.

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